Types Of Custody And Visitation Arrangements

Protecting Your Parenting Rights During Custody Negotiations

If you are in the middle of a child custody dispute, handing this complex matter by yourself often feels like an endless struggle. It can be difficult to remain objective and keep your emotions in check when your parental rights are on the line. When you partner with our seasoned attorneys, you can focus on maintaining your relationship with your child while we defend your interests.

Tesler & Werblood has protected parents’ rights for more than 40 years. Throughout Falls Church and the surrounding area, our lawyers are known for their ability to get results that allow families to move forward after divorce and other significant family legal issues.

Striving To Secure Favorable Custody Terms

In Virginia, parents may receive:

  • Physical custody orders which designate where the child will live. Parents can share or have sole physical custody. If your child’s parent has sole custody, you may visit your child according to a visitation schedule.
  • Legal custody orders which assign decision-making rights to parents. These decision-making rights relate to the child’s medical care, education and upbringing. Parents can share legal custody, or one parent can assume all decision-making responsibility.

If you and your child’s parent can determine the terms of your custody and visitation agreement without court involvement, you retain control over the negotiating process. If you are unable to find an acceptable solution for child custody, a judge decides parenting rights.

Designing A Parenting Plan That Supports Your Child’s Best Interests

Our lawyers will go to great lengths to encourage parents to reach an agreement on custody terms. We will strive to secure an agreement that is in your child’s best interests, encouraging your child to thrive after legal proceedings end.

We regularly help parents develop parenting plans that clearly define living arrangements and visitation schedules for holidays, special events and vacations. Drawing on decades of experience with family law matters, we can tailor a parenting plan that reflects your needs and encourages compliance.

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