Hiring & Firing

Tesler and Werblood, located in Falls Church, Virginia, have over 35 years of experience working with Virginia employment laws. As employment attorneys, we advise both employers and employees on laws set by local, state, and federal governments. For employers, we write and review employee handbooks, assist with wage law issues and claims, represent them before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and provide advice on National Labor Relations Board issues.

We provide advice and guidance to employers about hiring and firing employees. We can advise you on hiring procedures, including topics that must be avoided by law, laws related to minimum wage or hiring young workers or immigrant workers, and IRS guidelines for hiring contract workers. Employees in Virginia work at-will, meaning you can fire the employee for any reason or for no reason and at any time. When challenging a termination, employees have few rights, but a few exceptions do exist. As an employer, you should be aware of these exceptions, which include complaints regarding discrimination and safety complaints. Contact us before firing an employee if you are concerned about being sued, if you entered into a contract with that employee that limits your right to fire, or if the employee revealed he or she is in a protected class.

In Virginia, if you are denied unemployment benefits, you have the right to appeal. Even if you are approved for unemployment, your former employer can appeal, and they sometimes do. Over the years, we have represented clients in more than 30 such appeals, and we can help you obtain the unemployment compensation you deserve if you’ve lost your job.