Family Law Attorneys in Falls Church, Virginia

Guiding Families Through Points Of Change

Confronting and dealing with matters involving your family requires the ability to make a lot of important decisions during a very emotional time. Family law processes are often complex and can be particularly complicated. You don’t have to navigate these procedures alone.

The attorneys at Tesler & Werblood have been helping families work through difficult transitions for over 40 years. We will take the time to understand your needs and pursue a course of action that is unique to your family.

Offering Comprehensive Family Law Services

Virginia laws govern certain family law processes. Our lawyers will take the time to explain your options, set realistic expectations and guide you through every step. From start to finish, you will receive personal attention and have an advocate working for what is in the best interest of your family. Our skill, knowledge and experience equip our team to assist you with all matters of family law, including:

  • Navigating Virginia’s Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts system when pursuing or modifying child custody, visitation and child support issues.
  • Understanding the laws regulating the adoption process. In order to adopt in Virginia, prospective parents must complete a six-month home residency period. If the child is 14 or older, the consent of the child must be obtained. If using an agency, the adoptive parents must petition the court and obtain consent from the agency in order to finalize the adoption.
  • Applying for a protective order on your behalf to protect you and others in your home. Virginia law provides certain protections for those who are alleged to be a victim of any act involving violence, force or threat, including domestic violence.
  • Petitioning the court for changes to child custody agreements based on the occurrence of violence, and providing advice and guidance on ways to protect yourself, including a legal substitute address that can be used in place of your physical address.
  • Evaluating, recognizing and protecting assets throughout the divorce process.
  • Seeking proper alimony awards to aid with financial stability post-divorce, or separate maintenance, which enables a spouse to receive support but remain legally married.

Consulting a family law attorney and child support lawyer is the best way to ensure that the process is straightforward and smooth.

Start Moving Forward With Us As Your Ally

If your family is going through a change, don’t navigate the legal system alone. Call our Falls Church office at 703-534-9300 to speak with one of our attorneys. Schedule a consultation with us to get started. We are here for you.