Employment Discrimination

At Tesler and Werblood, located in Falls Church, Virginia, we can help if you are the victim of employment discrimination. In Virginia, employees work at-will, which means that an employer can fire you for any reason or no reason and at any time. We are experienced in working with the exceptions to this law. Some of those exceptions include discrimination, violation of an employment contract, retaliation against you for filing a claim against the employer, or for refusing to participate in illegal activity.

While Virginia law prohibits discrimination, some factors must be met before these laws apply such as the number of employees at a business. When an employer has at least 15 employees, most types of discrimination are not allowed by law. For age discrimination, an employer must have 20 employees. Equal Employment Opportunity Act prohibits discrimination in employment based on your race, religion, national origin or your gender (sex). Another federal law prohibits discrimination based on your age, if you are over 40 years old.

If you believe you have been fired illegally, contact our office to speak to an experienced employment attorney. We can assess your situation to determine if you have a claim. We can also help you negotiate a severance package or file for unemployment benefits. See Wrongful Termination for more information.